Emergency Device


The United Nations Refugee Agency is dedicated to save lives, protecting rights and ensuring a brighter future.

Having to face very often emergency situations where the life of refugees is threatened, it is necessary for the UNHCR to raise awareness and kickoff a donation campaigns in order to help the most vulnerable as quickly as possible.

Our idea: Create a digital tool for the UNHCR that would allow them to put online a customized communication campaign in only a few hours.

This dedicated administration platform allows you to produce automatically several digital communication with the same graphic charter from a simple image and a few lines of text.

In this way, it is possible to automatically generate: a landing page, a set of web banners in IAB formats, Facebook and Instagram videos.

The choice of elements to be produced is configurable according to the communication needs of the UNHCR.
A tool with the only objective of being able to launch a fund-raising campaign as soon as possible to help refugees.