Kering Fundation


One in three women worldwide falls victim to violence, sexual abuse or other types of harm at some point in her life. The Kering Foundation combats violence against women. Its new website proclaims the Foundation’s stance.

Five years after its 2009 launch, the Kering Foundation has supported 47 projects that have benefited more than 140,000 women. The Foundation's programme is tailored to the three continents on which it operates – America, Europe and Asia – and aims to raise its profile and convey its message with more clarity and impact.

The new slogan “Stop violence. Improve women’s lives” sums up the Foundation’s raison d’être.

To further this aim, Kering is looking to create a website that reflects this promise by boosting the visibility of the Foundation’s actions.

We identified two major issues related to this ergonomic and graphic redesign. Firstly, we thoroughly reviewed the way the content is organised so visitors get an instant and clear overview of what the Foundation does.

Secondly, the Foundation’s website needed a strong identity in line with Kering’s visual signature.

In user-friendliness terms, we designed the website around six major entry points. Each section is devised to help visitors quickly grasp the outline while offering interesting content.

Kering for Women TV gathers all the Foundation's video interviews. Actions uses an interactive globe to show all the projects undertaken by the Foundation worldwide.

There is a project sheet for each action, setting out key information about the initiative, alongside photos and videos.

As well as a version designed specifically for mobile viewing, the website offers a wide range of interfaces so the display can be adapted to suit the Foundation’s latest news, events, content and users’ patterns of usage.