Uncensored Summer

Initio Parfums Privés

Initio Parfums Privés unveils itself bare by circumventing censorship on Instagram.

Initio Parfums Privés is a niche perfume brand, built around the ancestral power of scents, distributed in France and internationally.

With the closure of the brand's points of sale during the period of confinement related to the pandemic, Initio wants to optimize its presence on social medias. A speech mainly deployed on Instagram to set up the brand territory, promote the different ranges of perfumes and generate traffic to the e-commerce site as an alternative to points of sale.

The problem: How to fully express the power of scent and the sensuality of Initio Parfums Privés during this post-confinement period?

Summer is an opportunity to lay ourselves bare, to reveal our hidden powers and the desires that lie dormant in each of us. It is an opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of life, new encounters and seduction, especially at the twilight of a period of confinement lasting several months. An ideal territory to spark to life the brand's mission, an ode to seduction, freedom and self-realization.

Whether psychic, mystical or sexual, each drop of Initio perfume is an immersion in the world of the power of scent.

Our idea: Initio Parfums Privés lays itself bare with the Uncensored Summer campaign, which presents all of its fragrances on the most beautiful case: naked bodies transcended by the power of scent.

The brand stages its fragrances by slightly hiding the naked bodies of the models to get around the Instagram censorship using the bottle. Each post thus represents the effect provoked on the bodies, a call to sensuality and to the realization of one's fantasies, made possible thanks to the power of the smells released by the Initio perfumes.

At Initio, censorship has no place and each post lets the spectator interpret and imagine the fantasies that the power of smells allows him/her to realize.

The results: over 2 million impressions and more than 25,000 clicks on the initioparfums.com website.