The choreography

Louis Roederer

The champagne house Maison Louis Roederer draws back its curtains and unveils its philosophy through a film - A Choreography between Humans and Nature.

Hôtel du Louvre


The Hôtel Du Louvre celebrates a Paris that is extravagant.

Digital identity


Rainett, creator of eco-responsible moments in everyday life.

Super Half Time


Babybel® celebrates the football World Cup.

The Warm-Up

Société Générale

With The Warm-Up, the Société Générale is introducing its Japanese employees to rugby.



With #NOISEAGAINSTHEPATITISC, the AFEF has signed a national prevention campaign to eradicate hepatitis C.

A taste of Italy
as if you were there


Seb Mellia’s taste adventure at the very heart of real Italian cuisine with Galbani.

A Life of Greatness


A Life of Greatness, the Cleo launch campaign celebrating the bravery of patients suffering with multiple sclerosis.

What’s this milk bottle?


Lactel is overturning common ideas about milk by creating a web series which documents the journey of milk from its collection at the farm to the dairy.


Air France

The new, essential business travel hub.

Eurosport Tour


Eurosport and Strava join forces and set up the world’s biggest cycling race. This virtual race is powered by real-life performances.

Habits have changed

Merck - MSD

You’ve never seen a surgeon and an anaesthetist get on so well.

Medelli – The fails

Merck - MSD

The Merck – MSD laboratory has set up Medelli, the first website aimed at the general public with health advice approved and recommended by doctors. We designed its publicity campaign, Fails.

Digital Identity


The inception of Goyard dates back to 1792. Goyard is an open secret and a luxury House that has never advertised.

Red or White ?


Mini Babybel unveils its new character to don the colours of the brand and bring the iconic product to life. Fun outside/real inside.

Tup – Finding a condom

Merck - MSD

There's an app for everything from finding a restaurant to rating a hotel, checking the weather – or even finding a condom.