Red or White ?


Babybel - Red or White

Mini Babybel unveils its new character to don the colours of the brand and bring the iconic product to life. Fun outside/real inside.

As the next step in establishing its new identity, Babybel lets its iconic product do the talking on TV. A new character personifies both of the brand's core territories: fun and naturalness. The proposition targets a wide audience of parents and children.

Brands are currently struggling to find new ways of addressing these targets. Introducing this new character as a brand ambassador is a real opportunity to bring Babybel closer to its consumers and nurture the relationship.

Our approach is to immerse viewers in the midst of a story with Mini Babybel as the hero. It gives Mini Babybel the chance to show them its true personality.

The story is brought to life through the all-new Red or White interactive experience where web users make choices to shape their Mini Babybel adventure. The campaign highlights the dual nature of Mini Babybel: fun outside (Red) / real inside (White).

On a mission to rescue his sweetheart Cherry Tomato, Mini Babybel reveals his soft heart beneath a hard exterior as he encounters unlikely new characters: a rapping donut with killer lyrics, a nymphomaniac potato, a tube of mayonnaise that’s possessed by the devil and a claustrophobic walnut.

The adventure is split into five interactive videos that develop the story as the user chooses from various options. At each stage, they can select Red for a funny, offbeat outcome or White for a more considered approach.

Curious users will find additional hidden scenes and unexpected behind-the-scenes footage to be unlocked with a Konami code.

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Facebook Campaign
Facebook puts followers in the front row when it comes to getting to know the new Mini Babybel character.

Red or White is also showcased on Mini Babybel’s Facebook page to boost the campaign’s profile. With more than 220,000 followers, the page offers previews of exclusive content from the Red or White films, including unseen video scenes, comments from the characters, photos of the shoot, and more.

This conversation-boosting capsule content is tailor-made for Facebook to promote Red or White and bolster the overall campaign.