A Life of Greatness


Cleo - A life of greatness

A Life of Greatness, the Cleo launch campaign celebrating the bravery of patients suffering with multiple sclerosis.

In 2018, Biogen Healthcare Solutions, an entity of the laboratory specialising in neurological treatment, launched a new, global, digital solution in order to optimise the support of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis: Cleo (Aby in the USA).

An application that responds to real needs identified by patients which has different functions: a chat module with certified nurses, a smart journal to monitor the patient's health condition and development of the disease, video well-being programmes especially designed by professionals, and editorial content and news about the disease.

A question therefore arises: how can patients suffering with multiple sclerosis be convinced to adopt Cleo?

Our idea: A Life Of Greatness.

Daily life with multiple sclerosis is made up of small challenges and great victories. It’s a hard life, where simple daily tasks can become insurmountable mountains. In order to overcome these challenges, patients require assistance. This assistance is Cleo.
This reality comes to life in the digital film of an international, multi-channel campaign. An emotional voyage that plunges us into the heart of a day in the life of a woman courageously overcoming all of the challenges linked to her illness, the application establishes itself as true daily companion.

The campaign was designed with the help of a patient suffering from the illness who was able to support and advise the actress by providing her with details of her daily life. This collaboration enabled the actress to get as close as possible to the reality that patients face.

making off

A global campaign
Localised in seven countries (USA, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada and Japan), the campaign is rolled out and adapted to many types of media, notably in print and online (website, social media, display, e-PR, etc.). A component aimed at healthcare professionals in addition to this global campaign.

Visual identity

Within the framework of the campaign, we’re creating the application’s brand identity. We’re calling it Cleo: a short, easily-identifiable name echoing “sclerosis”. A name that renders the service more human and shapes its image of everyday coach.

The Cleo logo is created around the smile, a transmitter of positive values synonymous with support. Around this logo, we’re creating a round, modern, visual universe designed around energising colours, evoking dynamism and modernity.

Social media
International social media support has also been developed in order to promote the Cleo application and unite an active community around the illness. The contents, intended for patients, revolve around different themes: the application and its uses, daily life with multiple sclerosis, and mutual assistance amongst patients with an assumed desire to play down the illness and celebrate the communities daily victories as a governing principle.


The Cleo website presents the application and its contents in detail by celebrating the campaign’s positive, energising universe. The website also lets the first users of Cleo to speak of their experiences in a testimonies section which reinforces the application’s human aspect.

Finally, the website offers a space dedicated to healthcare professionals, highlighting the concrete benefits of the application for monitoring patients, encouraging them to have their patients adopt Cleo.