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Château Maris

One of the 5 most environmentally friendly wineries in the world.

For more than 20 years, Château Maris has been the craftsman of a durable viticulture that take care of the nature in order to produce quality wines. Located in the heart of the Minervois between Toulouse and Montpellier, the domain expands on 45 hectares and is Demeter certified since 2008.
The Maison de Vin from the South of France implements a biodynamic approach which allows to produce finer, purer wines while preserving the quality of its terroir.
Château Maris is the first European domain to obtain the Bcorporation® certification, recognised by the UN and the European Commission, a symbol of its action in changing the viticultural practices. This certification promotes companies that transform their activity in a beneficial and virtuous force: good for the workers, good for communities and good for the environment.

Today climat change is a key factor for the wine industry. How can we demonstrate online that Château Maris has been pioneering in a visionary approach, in the search of symbiosis between men and nature?

Inspired by this harmony with the nature at the heart of Château Maris' philosophy we created a distinctive and authentic website designed with three main entries: Terroir, Wine, Human.

The website illustrates all the singularity of the Maison in an original horizontal navigation and a staging made of parallax effects. The Terroir and The Human sections showcase the brand's philosophy, its environmental and human commitments.
The Wine section presents the types of wines produced by the Château. Each wine is fully detailled within a product sheet: aromas, appellation, vinification or tasting advices. A personalised pictogram chart makes it simple to identify the main qualities of each wines and its certifications such as: Demeter, Bcorp, Ecocert, Biodyvin...
The Maris News section showcases the news of the domain such as: awards, expert reviews, innovations for a sustainable viticulture...

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