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Cat's Best

Addiction Agency supports Cat’s Best with digital communications.

Cat’s Best is a plant-based cat litter brand from German industrial group Retteinmaier. In recent years, plant-based cat litter has become a more ecological alternative in France to traditional mineral and silica alternatives.

The French spend almost €4.4 million* on their pets every year and the petcare market is growing online (+67% in 2016). It’s therefore vital for Cat’s Best to establish itself as a key player in cats’ well-being against their competitors.

The question is how to increase awareness of the Cat’s Best brand and influence consumer behaviour amongst French citizens.

*Source: Les Échos & Channel Sight 2018

Our objectives? To introduce the brand, its products and build audience loyalty to make Cat’s Best the go-to product for cat owners.

We’ve built a brand strategy around the special bond that unites all cat owners and their pets. An expert cat brand, helping all cat owners focus on the best times they spend with their pets thanks to healthy, economical and effective products. These communications come to life within a constantly-developing online ecosystem built around a Facebook page, the brand’s conversational hub, an Instagram account and a YouTube channel to put the spotlight on the benefits of Cat’s Best products and expertise.

The results? With its product range and expert advice, Cat’s Best has been able to anchor itself in the daily lives of its customers, cat lovers and nature-friendly consumers, making the brand known and convincing web users of its qualities.

Social media communications
Brand community management - initiating dialogue with cat owners on social media.

Cats and social media? A match made in heaven. There’s a real opportunity for Cat’s Best to use social media to invite the brand into the conversations of web users. The brand is active on Facebook and Instagram, supporting cat owners on a daily basis.

 By highlighting its expert advice, ecological approach and natural cat litter products, Cat’s Best is capitalising on its expertise and the benefits of its products. Through a variety of posts, the brand has developed a unique tone on social media, helping to create a real closeness with its community, where people aren’t afraid to share everyday moments and pictures of their cats with the brand.

Cat’s Best clips

Alongside communications on the brand’s social media pages, a product campaign has also been created and rolled out. Using some of the funniest and most-watched videos of cats on the Internet, we’ve devised a series of mini video clips that highlight the best of cat litter (clumping litter, litters that neutralise unpleasant odours, economic litter, easy-to-clean litter, etc.). For every cat, their character and personality - and every owner - there’s a Cat’s Best litter.

For every cat, their character and personality - and every owner - there’s a Cat’s Best litter. These videos, which combine a closeness with consumers and the brand’s technological expertise, have been shown as pre-roll adverts on YouTube and on social media sites, developing the brand’s reputation and encouraging the sale of its products.

Cat's Best - Neutralizes odours

Cat's Best - Biodegradable