A taste of Italy
as if you were there


Galbani - A taste of Italy as if you were there

Seb Mellia’s taste adventure at the very heart of real Italian cuisine with Galbani.

Galbani, France's most popular Italian brand of cheese, has embodied the authenticity, excellence, and simplicity of Italian cuisine since 1882. It makes this world of flavours, colours, and smells accessible to all chefs, whether they be amateur or not, by inspiring them on a daily basis.
Within the framework of the redesign of its digital ecosystem, the brand wishes to communicate during the summertime in order to reaffirm its mission: to inspire the French around its country’s cuisine.

The question is how to establish itself as the legitimate benchmark of authentic Italian cuisine and inspire the largest number on a daily basis?

Our observation: The French only have limited knowledge of Italy and its cuisine. For a large majority, Italy consists of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Coliseum, spaghetti bolognaise, or a four cheese pizza. Yet authentic Italy incorporates far more than that, and only a true Italian brand can open the door and unveil the real culinary wealth of Italy.

Our idea: To immerse the French in the heart of Italian cuisine through an authentic, light-hearted programme led by Seb Mellia.


The adventure begins

Seb Mellia, comic/globe-trotter leaves for Italy on a discovery of local, authentic, unexpected cuisine, far-removed from any clichés. With his resourceful mentality and sharp wit, he meets chefs, amateur cooks, a flamboyant family, a fisherman, etc. In short, everyone who brings true Italian cuisine to life on a daily basis.

Galbani will open the doors to all these different types of cuisine for him so that he can discover, taste, learn, and share the most authentic Italian cuisine.

In order to spice up the adventure, a die, designed especially for this trip, sets challenges for him that he must take on which lead him off the beaten track.

His adventures are broadcast on YouTube in a five-episode web series spotlighting each of the extravagant personalities, unexpected places, and typically Italian recipes prepared over the course of his encounters. These inspiring dishes are retranscribed in the form of video recipes, directly from the web series, enabling everyone to cook real Italian cuisine.
Deployment: In support of the episodes, the campaign is coming to life in stores (display, On-Pack), on the brand’s new website, and through a competition offering a trip to Italy as the prize.

The results: More than 5.7 million YouTube viewings, and over 600,000 website hits over the period.

Through this campaign, Galbani is modernising its scope of expression and reinforcing its position as an irrefutable benchmark of true Italian cuisine.