Digital Identity


Le Rendez-Vous - The movie

The inception of Goyard dates back to 1792. Goyard is an open secret and a luxury House that has never advertised.

Of all the trunkmakers in Paris, Goyard is the longest-established. It is also among France’s most hush-hush luxury Houses. Goyard has been purveying its wares to princely courts and prestigious clients since its establishment in 1853. Made-to-measure trunks were invented by Goyard – beautiful objects like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s office trunk, Coco Chanel’s hanging wardrobe-trunk, and a series of light luggage cases for Marilyn Monroe.

Goyard continues the tradition to this day by designing exceptional trunks and small leather goods sheathed in the House’s emblematic chevron-patterned canvas. Goyard’s boutiques are to be found in the world’s greatest capital cities, allowing connoisseurs around the world to appreciate the House’s inimitable style and character. Building on its rich legacy, Goyard is cultivating a digital identity in line with the House’s history, know-how and values. Luxury brands are now investing heavily in digital technology to sell their products online. The product is no longer valued for its uses and features – it has become normalised and is losing its identity.

Goyard is a hush-hush House. It has never advertised and cultivates this difference, which sets it apart in the luxury sector. Our intention is to replicate this core identity in the digital realm and go against the market.

The idea is to create a website for Goyard with no products on display. Like a door left ajar, it should give but a glimpse of Goyard’s world.

A first step in building this digital voice is the brand film that opens the website. We produced the Rendezvous film which takes viewers on an original journey through the Goyard world as age-old trunkmaking craftsmanship fuses with the timeless elegance of French art de vivre.

Shot in Paris at the House’s historic 233 Rue Saint Honoré showroom and in Goyard’s workshops in Carcassonne, the film is a reflection of the House’s values.

The ten chapters of History & Know-How immerse us in the story of Goyard with short animations that retrace how this outstanding House came into its current form.

Along with an up-to-date news feed, the website features articles highlighting little-known facets of Goyard’s rich history and reporting on the House’s current activities.

The website is localised in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Goyard_cas_1 Goyard_ImageExemple

On social media, Instagram is particularly popular among luxury brands. For Goyard, it's offers a new playground where the House can express its digital identity and, most importantly, go off the beaten track.

Purposely confidential and in the moment, the account reveals an even more personal aspect of Goyard with content fully in line with people's use of the app. Like the strategy set out for the website, the account’s editorial charter stays true to Goyard's values.

Just weeks after its launch, Goyard’s Instagram account has attracted an active community of several thousand followers from all over the world. Their level of engagement suggests a good match between broadcast content, attachment to the brand, and audience.

Branding is the art of personalization at Goyard with names, coloured stripes, initials and significant numbers.

Luggage personalization stems from the heraldic traditions that reigned throughout Europe from the late Middle Ages, and had its heyday in the 19th century. The website also showcases the tradition of branding, which Goyard has always upheld.

The House’s website features a specially-designed simulator for customers to create their own personal combination of initials, colours and stripes on a Goyardine background. This individual design can be recorded directly on your smartphone and kept for future use when personalizing your purchase.