Hôtel du Louvre


Hôtel Du Louvre - Re-opening film

The Hôtel Du Louvre celebrates a Paris that is extravagant.

The Hôtel Du Louvre, the first major Paris hotel created in 1855, is reopening its doors after several years of renovation. The hotel has been redesigned with a new style that reflects its philosophy of yesteryear: slow travel, a world made up of walking and dreaming, inviting travelers to take the time to rediscover the city, to visit new places, to stroll around... to enjoy it.

To celebrate its reopening, the Grand Hotel wants to breathe life into this state of mind and its new visual identity created by Emmanuel Pierre and so immerse visitors in the hotel’s world.

So, how can this state of mind be made clear and how can spectators be invited to find out more about our definition of a Parisian stroll?

Our idea is to offer web users a digital strolling experience. With the help of an unusual film, the web user is plunged into a true city and cultural getaway, a journey between illusion, dreams and the unconscious. We walk around in the minds of Parisian characters to find out their thoughts on and view of Paris.

Video clips specially designed for Instagram feature the most zany characters in extravagant micro-sketches.

The stroll continues in the hotel...
To supplement this brand film, video clips have been designed to welcome travellers to their rooms. Changing with the seasons and cultural events, these sketches each represent a different picture: a game of petanque, a bird taking flight, a catwalk show... Feminine and dreamlike videos which echo the Grand Hotel lifestyle.