The choreography

Louis Roederer

The choreography between Humans and Nature - Film

The champagne house Maison Louis Roederer draws back its curtains and unveils its philosophy through a film – A Choreography between Humans and Nature.

Since 1776, Maison Louis Roederer has been working with Nature to develop exceptional champagnes. Like an orchestra, every year Nature and the Humans which handle it work together on creating the House’s new production. Every vintage is the result of a symbiosis between the Louis Roederer teams and their vines.

The men and women at the House bring their unique know-how to bear and play an essential role in the creation of these Grands Vins de Champagne. This know-how can be broken down into so many painstaking actions that reflect the connection between Humans and Nature: observe, prune, raise, pick, plough, crush, stir, assemble, observe... It is the harmony and cohesion of this never-ending ballet between Humans and Nature which make the excellence of the Maison Louis Roederer so outstanding; the way in which they agree and work in harmony creates a real dance.

Our idea: to highlight its unique movements and the House’s different faces to produce a new film: the choreography.

The film is built around invaluable personal accounts made by Frédéric Rouzaud (CEO), Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon (Cellar Manager), Johann Merle (Vineyard Manager) and Laura Billot (Oenologist) which have enabled us to capture the essence of the Louis Roederer philosophy. This group testimonial has been built up over more than a year, allowing us to capture the different seasons and their associated practices, the unique character of Champagne and the creation of a new vintage.

This unique short film comes to life in the film “The Choreography”, a 6-minute short film which also exists in a shortened version.

The choreography - A Short Film 

Film Launch.
An invitation to find out about the world of Maison Louis Roederer.

To mark its launch, we are creating a unique object which invites people to explore the film: equipped with an NFC chip, it allows the short film to be viewed in a simple and fun way, simply by bringing it close to your smartphone.

This will be given out to friends of the House when they visit the cellars or at events organised by the brand.