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Merck - Habits have changed

You’ve never seen a surgeon and an anaesthetist get on so well.

Sometimes patients have to be given a general anaesthetic during surgical operations.
This type of surgical procedure generally causes stress among the members of the operating room team. On one side, the surgeon needs the patient to be perfectly still to be able to operate under optimum conditions and thereby ensure that the operation is safe.
The anaesthetist, on the other side, must make certain the patient doesn’t experience any allergic reactions while administering the correct dose of anaesthetic and ensuring the patient wakes up comfortably after surgery.

Now there is a clinical practice that boosts patient safety during operations and optimises surgical conditions: optimal use of neuromuscular blocking agents.

The Merck – MSD laboratory intends to promote this practice among health professionals in order to change their habits in the operating room.

Surgeons and anaesthetists are known for maintaining rather distant relations in the hospital setting.

The idea is to focus on the surgeon–anaesthetist relationship to draw attention to this practice.

Named “Habits have changed”, the campaign follows a surreal friendship between surgeon Marc and anaesthetist Gilles, which turns into a real hospital bromance.

The film is a central element of the campaign. It brings to the screen a friendship of the sort never seen in a hospital, and directs viewers to a special website.

On the website, they can watch this bromance between the two lead characters and learn about the benefits of “optimal use of neuromuscular blocking agents”. The site directs viewers to the MSD Connect Anaesthesiology page where they can access studies and figures on the benefits of the practice.

The campaign uses media to reach health professionals, including targeted newsletters, advertising banners on specialist sites and leaflets.

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