Tup – Finding a condom

Merck - MSD

TUP - TV ad

There’s an app for everything from finding a restaurant to rating a hotel, checking the weather – or even finding a condom.

Risky sexual behaviour has been on the rise for several years with a resulting increase in new HIV infections and other viruses causing STIs.

After 30 years fighting HIV, the Merck – MSD laboratory is now working in partnership with patient organisation HF Prevention to raise its profile in the area of HIV/STI prevention and screening among young people.

The intention is make TUP part of this target segment’s everyday lives. As avid mobile consumers, they require a complete service tailored to their needs and usage patterns.

The idea was to completely overhaul the TUP app to provide France's most comprehensive HIV prevention, sexual health promotion and screening programme, and to create a nationwide campaign to publicise the service among the general public.

As a starting point, we designed a TUP-specific identity to create a sexual health promotion brand that is more than just an app and instantly recognisable to the youngest members of the sexually active population.

To promote the service, we created an extensive communications campaign to attract attention from our target market and encourage downloads.

We deployed TUP on all communication channels – the mobile app, grassroots prevention efforts, awareness campaigns, etc.

The campaign is built around a TV advert, a web animation, a dedicated mini-site, a social media campaign and grassroots action by the patients' association HF Prevention on board the TUP Truck: a mobile screening unit in TUP livery.

We are also orchestrating a communications plan aimed at health professionals, encouraging them to recommend the app to patients.


The App
The core element of the programme – the TUP app – has been totally rethought.

As well as showing the location of condom distribution sites across France, the app now boasts new features and new content written by health professionals. It also now covers a greater area by incorporating France’s overseas territories.

The TUP app is available for Android or iOS and has racked up more than 200,000 downloads, with over 70,000 active users.

Social media to spread the app’s prevention message

Alongside the communications campaign, we're adding depth to the message with social media interaction on Facebook. The TUP goal is to position itself as both an app service and a promoter of the Safe Sex and HIV prevention message.

The goal is to educate our target market in line with the codes of this social media platform and encourage people to download the app.

We have identified three types of message to stimulate the conversations: risk prevention, ‘snippets of life’ and TUP news.

Lightening up the risk prevention message.
These intentionally offbeat and playful messages highlight the key points of risk prevention through a series of funny posts, such as mugshots of the most common STIs and jokey illustrations of medical jargon.

Snippets of life.
The aim of these posts is to forge links with the community by connecting with people’s everyday lives, for instance with an illustrated guide of the best sexual positions #dotrythisathome, or topical sketches.

Also, TUP updates tell our community where they can meet us as our TUP Truck travels around testing and information centres all over France.