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Rainett, creator of eco-responsible moments in everyday life.

Since 1867, the family business Werner & Mertz & Mertz has made a commitment to revolutionize the market for cleaning products. Thanks to Rainett the group offers the first brand of ecological products distributed in supermarkets. For almost 30 years, Rainett has been committed and taken into account health and the environment at every life stage of its products, from their design through to their final use.

The cleaning products market faces 3 main issues:
- The price of the products, often perceived as more expensive
- Doubts about the product's effectiveness
- The real impact of the products on ecology

The brand needed to lift the brakes on the purchase, while modernizing its image and telling its story, to win in this booming market.

To ensure the credibility of its approach and its products, Rainett has obtained numerous certifications relating to environmental protection and sustainable development (ISO 14001, EMAS, Ecolabel, etc.) and has formed partnerships with associations defending commune values (ASEF, Fréquence Grenouille, Surfrider Foundation, Citeo, etc.). Rainett is committed to the Cradle to Cradle approach which promotes a circular economy and requires a product and its packaging to be reusable and to present no hazards to either people or the environment. Rainett became the first brand of household products in Europe to obtain the Cradle to Cradle Gold standard.

Our strategic approach: We have been supporting the brand with its digital strategy since 2016, with different touch points: the Facebook page, the brand's conversational hub, the website, to tell the Rainett's story and Youtube to educate the French to small, environmentally-friendly pacts.

Episode 1 - The Microplastics

Episode 2 - The Recycled Plastics

Episode 3 - The Surfactants

Small, environmentally-friendly pacts
Production of a web series about ecology on YouTube.

L The brand is reinforcing its social and environmental commitment by speaking for the first time on YouTube through three educational episodes, each lasting ninety seconds. Our idea: Small, environnementally-friendly pacts. A web series that makes ecology more accessible and to explain big environmental concepts such as microplastics, recycled plastics, and surfactants, in simple, serious terms with a touch of humour.

These illustrated episodes plunge Internet users into the heart of these main themes by drawing on the brand’s graphical universe and, more specifically, its mascot. A way of tackling the subject and reinforcing the complicity and attachment to the brand.

Rainett's community management: creator of eco-responsible moments in everyday life.

The brand is present on Facebook to help consumers protect their households with healthy, effective products, whilst adopting an environmentally-friendly approach in everyday life. Rainett has thus been able to develop real proximity to its community by sharing moments of everyday life and staging the different uses of its products, whilst bouncing off the news to create conversations.

A discussion led by the brand’s mascot, the "Rainette" that brings lightness to serious and committed speech. In the house or in nature, the Rainette embodies the mischievous personality of the brand on all publications.