The Warm-Up

Société Générale

With The Warm-Up, the Société Générale is introducing its Japanese employees to rugby.

The Société Générale has been the “rugby bank” since 1987.

The bank is a partner of the Rugby World Cup which will take place in Japan for the first time in 2019. Despite this, the sport is not broadcast as much and is not as popular in Japan as it is in Europe and France.

The Société Générale would therefore like to introduce its Japanese employees to rugby, in order to enable them to fully enjoy this unique event that is to take place in their country.

The question is how to introduce Japanese employees to the rules of rugby, immerse them in this event, and accentuate the partnership between the Société Générale and the Rugby World Cup?

Our idea: The Warm-Up, a website inspired by Japanese manga culture.

Created in Japanese, English, and French, this website enables novice Société Générale employees to be introduced to the sport in a fun manner.

As such, they will discover the essential rules of rugby, with some previously unheard anecdotes thrown in.
Information about the competition, along with the tournament schedule, matches, and stadia can also be found on the website.
Finally, employees are informed about the historic partnership between the Société Générale and the Rugby world Cup.

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